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Get first looks at the late Cameron Boyce’s final screen projects

Rosy Cordero

When Cameron Boyce died on July 6 from a seizure caused by epilepsy, his family, friends, and fans were left mourning the young actor, who was only 20. But Boyce’s legacy will carry on through his work, including two TV series and a movie that were completed before his death but have yet to be released.

Representatives for the three projects — the HBO series Mrs. Fletcher, the indie film Runt, and the independent TV show Paradise City — spoke to EW exclusively, sharing production images, character descriptions, and statements about what Boyce’s participation meant to each project.

Mrs. Fletcher

Expected release date: Fall 2019

Synopsis: Starring Kathryn Hahn in the title role, Mrs. Fletcher is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Tom Perrotta. The show is a dual coming-of-age story, exploring the impact of internet pornography and social media on the lives of Eve Fletcher, an empty-nest mother, and her college freshman son. The cast also includes Jackson White, Owen Teague, Katie Kershaw, Domenick Lombardozzi, Jen Richards, and Casey Wilson. (Boyce and White are pictured above.)

Statement from series creator Tom Perrotta: “Every

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All the differences between the original Lion King and the remake

Sydney Bucksbaum

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Lion King. If you haven’t seen the original Disney animated film or the 2019 remake, read on at your own risk! (But also, why are you reading this story?)

When Disney’s remake of The Lion King begins, there is a peculiar sense of deja vu. That jarring first “naaaa” of Lebo M.’s Zulu chant hits and the sun rises over the Pride Lands. The first animal that appears onscreen is a rhino lifting its head, just as it was in the animated movie. What follows for the next few minutes is an almost perfect shot-for-shot remake of the original animated Lion King opening sequence, but done in impressive photorealism this time around. At some points, the viewer may even forget that what they’re watching isn’t the original movie, just IRL.

But then Rafiki climbs up Pride Rock with some red twigs and roots in his hands instead of a fruit from his staff to smear red on baby Simba’s forehead — bringing about the first major change from the original animated movie — instantly reminding viewers that they’re in for a different experience.

Everett Collection; Disney

It may not sound like such a big difference — what’s the big deal about a missing staff, right? Well, dear reader, you couldn’t be more wrong. Even the most casual Disney experts know The Lion King like Timon and Pumbaa know which bugs are the most satisfying (pro tip: always go for the cream filled) after 25 years of watching and singing along to the classic. Every single change — both huge plot updates to trivial details — from the 1994 original stand out while watching the 2019 remake, and it’s not just how some scenes were extended for dramatic effect (which helps explain the extra 29 minutes of run time in the new version).

If you couldn’t help but notice all the differences from the original to the remake or you’re morbidly curious to understand why so many people are paying to see a movie they’ve already seen before, EW has rounded up all the changes made from the animated movie to the 2019 update. Did you catch them all?

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Zim and Gir are back in Netflix’s new Invader Zim movie teaser

Nick Romano

Just listen to that laugh. It’s the laugh of someone who’s been written off as a laughing stock. It’s the laugh of someone who everyone thought would never make a comeback. It’s the laugh of someone who finally did come back and is more glorious than ever. It’s the laugh of Zim.

And then there’s Gir.

The new teaser for Netflix and Nickelodeon’s Invader Zim movie, the 90-minute Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, comes with the news that the green-skin, bug-eyed Irken alien and his dim-witted but such-a-good-boy robot Gir will return on Aug. 16. The only one not excited about that is Zim’s A.I. computer.

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The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All recap: Everybody hates Luke

Kristen Baldwin

Sometimes, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are all about delayed gratification. (Lookin’ at you, “To Be Continued” end cards!) But this week, rose lovers, the producers had mercy on us and let us go straight from last week’s Biblical showdown between Hannah and Luke to the almost-immediate aftermath. Even though no one (meaning Luke) got punched, it was still very satisfying. And then we got a full Men Tell All episode on top of it! Occasionally, life in Bachelor Nation is good.

The show opened in the Tealight Candle Thunderdome, where Harrison welcomed us to a “very different version of The Men Tell All” — before cutting right back to Crete, where Hannah and her cut-out evening dress is contemplating her last rose ceremony.  As each of the final men arrive, we get a picture-in-picture shot of the MTA audience applauding ecstatically. (Tyler wins the applause-o-meter. Miraculously, no one boos Jed.)

“I do love all of them in completely different ways,” sighs Hannah. On the bright side, Luke P. is gone! “I feel like, ‘F–k that guy!’” says the Bachelorette. “Not an ounce of me misses him, wants him in my life, or will question my decisions. I’m so glad Luke is finally gone, and I never have to see him again.”

Dammit, Hannah! Don’t you know that problematic bachelors are like Beetlejuice? If you say, “I never have to see him again,” they magically appear on site with a hand-held camera.

I feel you, picture-in-picture woman. “This isn’t over for me yet,” Luke informs us, once again disregarding Hannah’s feelings and the fact that it is very much over for him. “She’s never told me that she loves me, but I know she loves me.”

How nice it must be to live in a post-truth bubble! Anyhow, Luke has a ring (def not Neil Lane), and he’s on his way to make Hannah his wife, come hell or high water. When Luke walks into the rose ceremony plaza, the guys look like they want to set him on fire.

“Here comes our favorite,” mumbles Tyler grimly. And then, rose lovers, Luke takes his place in the bachelor lineup next to Jed, as though he has every right to be there. It is, in a word, astounding.

Meanwhile, Harrison is keeping Hannah busy right outside the plaza, and I’ll admit this whole charade was kind of worth it to see her all-too-composed reaction upon seeing Luke.

Excellent question. Luke informs Hannah that he will not leave her alone until he gets a few things off his chest. “No!” she replies. When Tyler tries to diffuse the situation by telling Luke to fall back in line, Hannah steps in. “No, just go! GO!” I’m sure Luke thinks he’s being “devoted” and “romantic” when he tells Hannah he’s just going to “stand here all day” until she talks to him, but all he’s doing is awakening the Hannah Beast within.

Do it! “Yeah you will leave, because I’ve already sent you home,” continues the Bachelorette, as the picture-in-picture audience cheers her on. “That’s not how this works!” The guys remain frozen to their spots, but they are loving this. “Thank you, God,” mutters Jed. And good Lord, rose lovers, it is incredibly satisfying to watch Hannah tear Luke another new a-hole — this time while wearing a hot gown.

“You’re so narcissistic!” she hollers at him. “And it’s always about ‘My this’ and ‘My that’ — this is not about your heart!” Yes, gurl, yes! When Luke once again insists that “this isn’t over for me yet,” Hannah takes matters into her own hands, literally.

This sister is doin’ it for herself! Not only can Hannah B. move mountains, as Tyler likes to say, she can also move the podium away from a hypocritical “Christian” stalker who’s trying to interrupt her rose ceremony. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that this is perhaps one of the top five greatest moments in Bachelorette history.

But Luke still shows no signs of giving up, so the guys step in. Jed puts his hand on Luke’s arm to keep him from approaching Hannah again. “Lay your hands off me!” growls Luke, who clearly meant to say either “take your hands off me” or “lay your hands on me again and I’ll…,” but then he got confused and said both.

“Or what?” asks Tyler. Emboldened by the much larger Tyler, Jed escalates things. “Dude, get the f–k out,” he snaps. “Move!” Awww, snap — looks like Team Bachelorette is bringing in the big guns. Is that Big Paulie I see darting across the frame in the background?

Harrison joins the scrum, too, but Luke is unfazed. “You know you were leading with your emotions last night,” he tells Hannah. “I know those last few minutes, that was not your character.” Leave it to Tyler the feminist dreamboat to have the perfect response to Luke’s insanity: “Why are you telling her who she is, bro?” Yes, you woke slab of man-meat. YES!

What’s that? Luke is now insisting that Hannah “misunderstood” what he told her the other night, and saying that “never have I ever condemned or judged you”? Yes, yes he has. But Hannah remains firm. She says for the 400th time that she has all the “clarity” that she needs and that her feelings for Luke are 100 percent gone. “Okay,” he says at last. “That’s all I needed to hear.” Dude, if that was all you needed to hear this whole thing never would have happened! Anyhow, take your “he went to Jared” bling and GTFO, mmmk?

“The Luke Show is so f–king over!” says Peter gleefully.

Not quite yet, I’m afraid. Rather than proceeding with the rose ceremony, the action now shifts back to the Tealight Candle Thunderdome for Luke’s moment in the hot seat. The crowd greets him with a smattering of tepid applause. “You had your say — it just went poorly,” Harrison begins. “And you wanted another say, right?” Oh no, Luke counters, I was just simply asking her a question. (That question being, “Are you a good Christian woman or a slut?”) Luke goes on to say that he acted so crazy that night in Greece because he was “completely blindsi

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Lin-Manuel Miranda is this year’s MVP of San Diego Comic-Con

Caroline Tew

Tens of thousands of people swarmed Comic-Con at the San Diego convention center this past weekend to see their favorite celebrities, swipe cool merch, and hear the latest pop-culture announcements. Amongst all the chaos, there is one clear MVP of Comic-Con: Lin-Manuel Miranda. From clandestine meetings with other celebrities to going undercover on the floor, the Hamilton playwright has generated plenty of wholesome Comic-Con content.

Miranda was at the convention promoting the upcoming HBO series His Dark Materials, a dark fantasy adaptation of Philip Pullman’s trilogy. When the stars and producers of the show stopped by our video studio to talk to EW’s Devan Coggan, Miranda radiated sheer excitement for the project. “They held up the book and I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll play a daemon. I’ll play anything to be in this.” While other cast members were choosing more conventional animals, Miranda cheekily admitted that his daemon would be a subway rat.

But, Miranda wasn’t done. The next day he dropped in as a surprise panelist for DuckTales, where he has voiced Gizmoduck since season 1 of the show. If you’re looking for something to make you smile, Miranda talking to EW’s Marc Snetiker about that show’s characters just might do the trick. And he also revealed how the original DuckTales series inf

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Tom Hanks’ Mister Rogers will make you cry in first Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood trailer

Joey Nolfi

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


Have your tissues handy, because the first trailer for Marielle Heller’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (above) packs an emotional punch.

“You love broken people like me,” Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rhys), a struggling journalist grappling with new fatherhood in the wake of his own father’s (Chris Cooper) ailing health, says to Mister Rogers (Tom Hanks) in the just-released preview. “Sometimes we have to ask for help,” Rogers responds. “And that’s okay.”

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Beyoncé’s The Lion King: The Gift tries to do a bit too much

Alex Suskind

The Lion King: The Gift has the unfortunate distinction of being the first Beyoncé project in years whose identity is tied to another creative vision. It’s a blockbuster-adjacent curation that embraces African genres to reflect its feature film’s aesthetic. That sentence also describes last year’s Kendrick Lamar-led Black Panther: The Album

But Beyoncé arguably has less wiggle room than Lamar despite being the planet’s most beloved music star. Because it centers around the first black superhero to be presented on such a large, Disney-backed scale, Black Panther inherently carried a sense of rebellion. The Lion King is inextricable from Disney’s DNA for Generations X and Y; it requires a respect for tradition. Still, Beyoncé

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Big Brother recap: Cliff makes a bold move

Kyle Fowle

If you’ll remember back to Thursday, Big Brother wrapped up this season’s Camp Comeback twist. In the process, Cliff, who was evicted just minutes earlier, won his way back into the house, dashing all of our hopes that David would get redemption and target Michie. Oh well. At the top of this episode everyone’s cheering and welcoming Cliff back into the house as if most of them hadn’t sneakily voted him out after telling him he was safe. Cliff being back in the house doesn’t immediately shift things, but the eviction vote itself does. Before long, Nick is absolutely blowing up at his alliance, furious that he and Bella were left out of the plans to evict Cliff.

The plan had originally been for Nicole to go, but Gr8ful is so shaky right now that everyone’s seemingly playing a different game while also refusing to see how others are playing. Michie tries to get Nicole on his side by saying that he convinced everyone to save her. Everyone really likes lying to Nicole. Michie, feeling ever so confident for no reason at all because that’s just what he does, decides he can also convince Cliff that he’s still on his side. Thankfully, for the first time this season, someone finally sees through this nonsense. Cliff knows better than to believe Michie now.

Then, Gr8ful really begins to fall apart. Nick is finally catching on, and he’s not letting this vote go. Their argument gets heated, with Nick convinced that he’s going to be nominated for eviction soon. The rest of Gr8ful continues to tell him that everything is fine, and as this alliance is wont to do, they argue and argue and say the same things over and over again until nobody is satisfied. Nick doesn’t see any way to go back from this. Hilariously enough, Jessica is maybe catching on to things too. “It’s like they had a Final Eight!” she says. My God, these people.

So, on to the HoH competition. Unfortunately for Nick, he can’t compete this time around, which means he can’t directly target Gr8ful. The game involves answering questions about a number of Big Brother patches, with players being eliminated after each round. Then, something incredible happens. Cliff wins. He’s the new Head of Household, and he’s holding all the power. For a guy that was just about out of the game for good, this is certainly some good fortune. Nick gives him the necklace, and at that moment Cliff tells him that he’ll keep him safe. Cliff is maybe catching on too! It looks like he’s going after the Six Shooters (I am so sick of these names), trying to figure out who to target so that his game can improve.

Nick is hoping Jack goes home because he sees that he’s controlling a lot of this game, and Bella wants Christie to go home. Both those names are big targets, and if they did go home it would really shake up the game. The Six Shooters seems to know what Cliff’s general plan is, and they’re not working too hard to convince him to change course. They’re mostly just trying to be super fake nice to Cliff and focusing on trying to repair that relationship with Bella and Nick. Michie even concocts this twisty plan to be a pawn for Nick and Bella, then win veto, then use Christie’s Diamond Veto reward, as if all those things happening is somehow easy.

Basically, out of necessity, Cliff finds himself working with Nicole, Kathryn, and Jessica; everyone who’s on the outs. Cliff and Nicole seem to have a good connection, but Nicole isn’t so sure about Jessica and Kathryn. For now though, they have to stick together. Then, and stop me if you’ve heard this before, Michie once again gets super overconfident and pitches Cliff on his plan to be a pawn against Bella, who they’ll knock out of the game, therefore allowing Cliff to get back in the good graces of the Six Shooters. It’s truly ridiculous that Michie thinks this will work. Cliff immediately goes to the diary room and laughs off the pitch. As if Michie’s move isn’t ridiculous enough, Christie then tells Cliff about her Diamond Veto, as if that will change anything. It’s like all the cool kids trying to convince the dork that he should hang out with them just because they’re the cool kids. Now though, Cliff just has a whole lot of important information abou

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Fear the Walking Dead showrunners on that surprise engagement

Dalton Ross

SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’s “Is Anybody Out There?” midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

The self-sacrificing, redemption-seeking heroes of Fear the Walking Dead were just saved by the power of Christmas! Okay, not exactly, but had there not been ample Christmas lights on hand to light up an abandoned airport runway then Alicia, Morgan, and company (not to mention a bunch of kids) would have crash-landed on concrete.

In the end, thanks to Daniel’s delivery of the lights and paralyzed Wendell’s heroic last-second crawl to plug them back in, the plane landed safely and disaster was diverted…for now. But what of Alicia’s (not to mention Grace’s and Morgan’s, and Victor’s and Charlie’s) possible contamination from the nuclear reactor and infected walkers? And what of the offer from former foe Logan to join forces and find the fuel they will need to continue on their mission of mercy?

We asked showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg about all that and a whole lot more out of the midseason finale — including that surprise mid-flight engagement between John Dorie and June. The answers await below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I asked you all about Alicia’s fate last week and you said it was cause for concern. I imagine it is still cause for concern in the sense of we don’t really know yet what that nuclear radiation zombie blood did to her, do we?

ANDREW CHAMBLISS: We do not. As Grace said, it’s something that affects different people differently. It’s not like they have access to high-tech medical equipment to test anyone. A lot of characters have been exposed to the radiation in the course of this past season. Grace, obviously, Alicia, Morgan went into the irradiated zone, Strand and Charlie crashed the balloon in there. So, it’s definitely something that I think is going to be on people’s minds moving forward.

Dorie gives June this whole speech to find something to live for and then live and then she’s the one who tells them to get on the plane and leave John there to die because she made him a promise. Dorie and Dwight do show up just in time, but what does that say about June making that really difficult decision to not sacrifice herself and others for a seemingly lost cause?

IAN GOLDBERG: One of the things that we’ve been excited about with Dorie and June this season is how their journey mirrors Dwight and Sherry’s, albeit in a really different way. Even in this episode, Dorie telling June to find something to live for and live, those were the words Sherry wrote to Dwight in the letter that she left for him where she basically told him to stop looking because she didn’t want him to get hurt or to get killed trying to find her. She cared more that he found something to live for. So, you see there that that has impacted Dorie because he says those words to June.

Similarly, June has realized herself that by making that promise to John and by choosing the greater good of everyone, the people that they helped ever since they crash-landed here, the kids, Grace, making sure that everyone gets out of the plane, it’s a sacrifice that’s hard for her to deal with in that moment because of her love for John. But she’s doing it. Then the universe rewards her, rewards with John with June being able to find their way back to each other. Even there, there’s a Sherry and Dwight connection because the car that they arrive in is Sherry’s car that she left behind. We love how those stories have spoken to each other and come to a pinnacle here in episode 508.

What about our big apocalyptic engagement here between John and June? Tell me about the decision to make this be the time under these circumstances for him to pop the candy in his mouth and pop the question. Obviously, this is a big moment, so what led to placing it here?

ANDREW CHAMBLISS: Dorie has been struggling this half-season with almost survivor’s guilt, where he feels like he’s gotten so much in the apocalypse when so many other people don’t have what he has. He found the woman he loves, she helped him get past some of his past. He was kind of punishing himself earlier in the season by not letting them really enjoy their relationship, and then by trying to give Dwight that, and taking Dwight on the search for Sherry, and not wanting to tell Dwight the truth about the letter he found, he put himself in danger and thought he was not going to get to see June again.

So, in Dorie’s mind, he’s realizing that there’s no time better than the present to pop the question. He’s really realizing in this world where death is always potentially around the next corner, he’s got to make the most of every moment. He’s not going to wait a single second longer before really declaring his love for June and taki

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